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We can be blown off course, without a map or compass and be surrounded by foggy thinking. For some, this undermines self-confidence, general wellbeing and happiness. The Echo Survival Kits will enable and support you in reaching your destination.  Here are a few kits that we offer;

  • Mindset & Motivation
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals for Teens
  • Mindfulness Matters for All
  • Walk & Talk Sessions
  • 60 Minutes to Success
  • Health & Happiness Nordic Walking

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 Read ” Why Walking Works Wonders ”  for your whole body, in our blog.

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Get fit from the inside out book a Nordic Walking session with an Instructor


A Walk & Talk session with accredited International Coach and Mentor!

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Your Mentor

My name is Louisa Miles I am a Motivational Mentor and Life Coach. Welcome to my site, I offer professional and individual mentoring services. Please take your time to find out more about motivational mentoring and have a look at the Echo Packages developed to meet every life need and tailored to meet your specific journey.

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