New Apps or an Update?


May is a magical month where everything around us seems to be evolving, growing, gaining colour taking on strength and developing new shapes. I think of it as the springboard towards summer and the endless possibilities stretching out in front of us.

I also like May, as it is the month I give my Coaching time away for FREE!

As an International Accredited Coach with the IIC&M we support International Coaching Week that begins on16th May – 22nd May 2016.

Jerri Udelstone created ICW in 1999 so that everyone could experience the huge benefits of the coaching process. If you have never done it but always wondered how this would help, book an appointment here on the website or give me a call. See how coaching accelerates your personal growth, your professional development and improves how you communicate with yourself and others more positively.

There was a wonderful article in Forbes Magazine last year by Jason L Ma author of Young Leaders 3.0 on coaching and mentoring. Ma seems to suggests that you think of your mindset as your operating system be it; OSX, Microsoft or Android. I agree with this idea wholeheartedly. You would invest in upgrading your system, improving functionality, delete out dated software and thus become more powerful. He then goes on to liken the skills you have, to apps on your devices, metaphorically speaking. These apps (skills) will need updating over time and this is where a coach or mentor comes in, to assist you in refreshing your screen, rebooting your system, even upgrading!

You choose your apps for fun, to support you, educate you, measure your progress, share thoughts, images and ideas. The apps are always being up-dated, sent bug fixes, redeveloped, and expanded. I welcome the idea we are our apps, here is a screen shot of my phone.

New Apps and Updates!


I think it tells you quite a lot about me; a Scrabble playing, outdoor walking, weather watching, book reading, music listening, Mindful, rugby nut who likes to sleep!

What would your apps tell a coach and why don’t you ask for your FREE 30 minute reboot and delete some of those apps that don’t apply any more?

Look forward to talking to you soon.

 “Your most important work is ahead of you, never behind you.”

Steven Covey