Louisa Miles has 18 years experience running a highly successful business consultancy. As a fully certificated Motivational & Life Coach with professional and personal experience, she uses her creativity to get results for you.

Her wealth of knowledge in Human Resource, organization development and having a sense of humour make her sessions truly unique.

The skills to extract information, focus the client and make the impossible possible are where Louisa shines.

I have truly been blessed to work with Louisa as my life coach over the last 6 months. Louisa has helped me a great deal in clarifying my current situation and deciding what my next steps are. Louisa has really challenged me and allowed me to take a good look at what I want and how I will achieve it. She has a friendly and yet 100% professional approach with great listening and feedback skills. With Louisa I have been able to approach topics that are important to me and her caring and sensitive manner has supported the decisions I have made. Thank you Louisa.Karen - Entrepreneur, Cheshire
You have enabled me to look beyond my fears and to reach towards the future positively and confident that all is within my reach. Thank you. Go forth and spread the love!James - Studio Manager, Northants
Louisa helped me make myself accountable to my self & my own needs. As a working parent these had been bottom of my priorities. I knew I’d have to acknowledge the impact of not meeting these needs. We set realistic goals and agreed what I would have accomplished by our next session. Louisa supported my needs and was a catalyst in making me change negative thought patterns. I have learnt to be the best I can be for myself and be the best mum to my daughter. Thank you Louisa.
A.C, Weymouth
Louisa is a great listener, always brings me back to the relevant subject and challenges me when I least expect it (very effective!) Just thinking about a future session with Louisa makes me even more committed to complete my to do’s and goals. Anyone feeling hesitant in using a mentor /coach should have a session with Louisa – you will not know what hit you – you just do things! Louisa, thank you for our sessions and the commitment you have given to me.Fanny Nordöf, Stockhholm
Louisa has a natural talent for Mentoring – I only wish I had had the opportunity of working with her years ago. Thanks Louisa, I look forward to our future sessions.RJ - Headhunter, Suffolk
When a mutual friend suggested I contact Louisa as I had been out of work for 8 months, I did and she literally changed my Life. Louisa created a positive environment in which I felt nurtured and valued. She focused my mind and together we set goals and erased negative beliefs that had been holding me back. I have more energy now and have turned a hobby that I was passionate about into a business. You have a real gift Louisa, to get the very best out of everyone thank you.
M.S, Stockport

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